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Recognize the Signs of Trouble

Many couples attempt to hang onto their relationships long after they are over. Once you recognize that you no longer have romantic feelings for your soon-to-be ex or the instability of your relationship has become too much to handle, it's time to work on the breakup. Breaking up is difficult, but you can do so while minimizing emotional damage.

Determine Your Worth Within the Relationship

If your only positive points for staying in a relationship include finances or children, then the love may be gone from the equation. Make sure you want to leave before you say that you want to. Your partner should be the first to hear that you do not think you can fix the relationship. Make the final decision with a clear head before you move forward with your breakup plans.

Plan the Right Moment to Say Something

Do not break up with your partner on a day when you both underwent much stress. Try to pick a day when both of you will be calm and clear-headed with one another. Plan the talk in person unless you are in a long-distance or abusive relationship. Discuss the weaknesses in your relationship but do not pass the blame to your partner.

Keep Your Intentions Clear

Never make it sound like there is a chance to mend the relationship. Your partner should not have false hope about the relationship. If you do not want to repair it, be clear and firm about it. Parents should be clear about their intentions to keep their kids from clinging to false hope. If you have children, you may need outside assistance to help you determine what is best for your kids. We found a Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer with good advice on how to make the divorce process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Learning To Say Goodbye

The end of a relationship can be the start of a new journey. Instead of hanging onto a loveless relationship, find compassionate ways to say goodbye. Be careful about where you choose to break the news to your partner to protect your mental health and his or her emotional state.